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Friday, August 8, 2008

WDAY' s Explanation Regarding the Debate

From the Program Producer:

"I've been bombarded with emails from people claiming that Mr. Comfort is stating that Dr. Myers 'chickened out' of the debate. This is just not true. We (Ben, Jim, and myself) made a decision Monday afternoon that due to the call-in nature of our show, it would work better to have two separate segments . . . I can only guess that some of the emails we sent to you were lost, as Monday is when our server problems started. I am assuming that the email containing the information on the change in format, from a debate to two separate interviews, was never received by you. For this I apologize, as it has caused much confusion on the internet regarding the interviews with Mr. Comfort and Dr. Myers." Producer, Ben and Jim in the Morning, WDAY Radio.

My reply: "Thank you very much for your kind explanation. The first communication I received that the debate was off, was ten minutes before I was due to go on air, and therefore wondered if Dr. Myers had chickened out (I have had that happen with atheists). My apologies to you and to him for the misunderstanding.

I am in the very enviable position of having a mass of atheists follow me around, and for some reason they have a habit of embellishing my words. Still, I am honored that so many read my daily blog and welcome more. Thanks again for having me on your program. Best wishes, Ray."