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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

You are Kidding

For those of you who still accuse me of misrepresenting the theory of Darwinian evolution, please check out this imaginary drawing from, The Future is Wild, a publication by leading evolutionists in which they imagine what fish and animals will look like in millions of years.

The pictured "megasquid" is the place that evolution will take the common squid--a "cephalopod" (there are around 786 distinct living species of cephalopods) in a 100 million years. This is a squid transitioning into another species--a much larger oxygen-breathing, land-dwelling animal, with elephant-like legs. These creatures developed lungs because (over millions of years) "at last, cephalopods had discovered an efficient means of breathing air." I guess their gills didn't cut it for them. So both the male and female evolved lungs while under the water and crawled up on the land together.

This is nothing to do with "common ancestory." This is one species turning into another.

These men imagine the future, and Darwin imagined the past. Both are science fiction. . . . and evolutionists have the gall to call such wild speculation "science."

The theory is nothing but a joke, but the issue is so great it's not at all funny.