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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Ark Dimensions

My friend (and cartoonist) has written regularly to the "Letters to the Editor" for years. This is one of his letters:

Dear Sir,

In reply to Mr Dyer, as to where in the Bible the dimensions for the Ark are to be found, I suggest he read Genesis chapter 6, but by his mocking tone I suspect he does not find the Biblical account credible. Perhaps his vision is clouded by the cute, tiny fairy tale versions seen in the children’s section of libraries? Because of unbelief, many traditions and fanciful versions have been taught, but the Bible relates the story of the ark as history, and not some silly verbal tradition.

In reality, the biblical ark was in shape similar to a barge. It was designed to float, not sail, and its proportions have been found to be the best for any ocean-going vessel, because its length matches the distance between two average ocean wave crests. The nearest modern equivalent to the ark was the ‘Great Britain’ designed by Brunel in 1844 – length ten times the height and six times the width.

Notice also that Brunel had 1000 years of British shipbuilding experience to draw on, while Noah had none, yet Noah’s design was perfect for the job, and a template for modern shipbuilders.

Based on biblical measurements, (one cubit equal to 17.5 inches) the ark was longer than a rugby field, three stories high and half as wide. Its volume was approximately 1,396,000 cubic feet. In other terms the ark would have held 522 standard railway stockcars, or 8 freight trains of 65 cars each.

It had a displacement of about 20,000 tons and was the largest ship ever built until the Etruria in 1884. There is no doubt in was capable of holding comfortably all its passengers.

I would also like to add that Jesus affirmed the building of the ark, and the global flood that followed, to be a real historic event – Luke 17:27.

Yours sincerely, Richard Gunther.