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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Darwin and Dope

"Jaser said... Ray, your scholastic endeavours I'm afraid fall woefully short of most people's standards. If you can substantiate your claim that Darwin was 'high on hash' during the voyages of the Beagle, then please quote verifiable sources, and we'll all be in agreement. I suspect that there are no such sources, and that your comment was one made in scorn, with no basis in fact."

Jaser...I have never claimed that Darwin was high on hash or any other drug. Your accusation falls woefully short of most peoples' standard of integrity, and has no basis in fact.

My claim is that Charles Darwin was a deluded dreamer, who dreamed up a ridiculous and unscientific theory that is on a par with a child's fairy tale. To use the word "science" and evolution together is the oxymoron of the century.

I am continually amazed with the irony that this one man has been able to amass millions of deceived followers, who blindly believe the theory as if it was a fact, and then call themselves "intellectuals."

The theory of Darwinian evolution is the opiate of the people.