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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

God and His "Torture" of His Children

I’m a little weary of hearing atheists parrot their popular and old phrase about "God torturing His children," presumably speaking of God sending sinners to Hell.

There are two important truths to understand here. First: God will not "torture" anyone. He will give them "justice." A criminal may believe that his being thrown into a cold prison because he viciously raped three teenage girls, is torture. The judge rather knows better. He calls it "justice."

God will "damn" rebellious sinners from all that is good in a prison called “Hell.” He gave them life and lavished His goodness upon them, and they despised Him and refused His mercy. So they will get what the Bible calls "equity." Equity, according to the dictionary is "the quality of being fair or impartial; fairness; impartiality: the equity of Solomon." In law, it is "the application of the dictates of conscience or the principles of natural justice to the settlement of controversies." In other words, impartially doing that which is right, fair and just.

Second: Sinners are not God’s children. The Bible makes that clear. We are children of Satan, and it’s his will we gladly run to do. Isn’t it true that we love the darkness and hate the light (see John 3:19). We are not His children until we are washed from our sins by the grace of God, and are born of His Spirit through the new birth of John 3:1-5.