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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Jillions Kittens

"You just don't get it, Ray. Your God is so psychotic that I wouldn't worship Him even if you could prove He was real, which thank God, you can't. Your own Holy Book says that your God drowned 99.9999% of all air-breathing life on the planet. Kittens, Ray. He drowned jillions of kittens--and you worship Him. Are you crazy or what?" Captain H.

Why are you so upset? As an atheist, you believe that no one made the kittens. There was nothing, and then, over time, there were jillions of cute kittens. Besides, for an atheist, life has no rhyme nor reason, and there’s no absolute right and there’s no absolute wrong. So, in your book, God ultimately didn’t do anything morally wrong.

Are you as angry at veterinarians (who in the United States kill around 12 million cats each year) as you are at God? They kill them Captain. Cats and kittens (and dogs). When did you last get angry enough about cat and kitten deaths to picket outside a vet clinic?

Besides, if God made the kittens, He has the right to kill them, if He sees fit to do so. I'm sure you know that cats breed like rabbits. Can you imagine how overrun the earth would be by now if God hadn't killed those jillions of kittens?

So, the next time you are upset about God and His judgments, remember that if cats came by the process of evolution (and all cats die), God didn’t kill them, evolution did. So get mad at your own beliefs and lighten up when it comes to others. Live and let live.