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Thursday, September 4, 2008

What Really Matters

"Ray, I have a question for you. I am getting frustrated having to try and ‘prove’ God's existence day in and day out to unbelievers all the time. Do I really need to 'prove' God to anyone or just preach the gospel? I don't see why I should have to 'prove' what God has already said in His word. I'd love some advice on how you handle this." Lauren

We don’t have to prove that God exists to the professing atheist. This is because he intuitively knows that He exists. Every person has a God-given conscience. The Bible tells us that this is the “work of the law written on their hearts.” Just as every sane person human being knows that it’s wrong to lie, steal, kill and commit adultery, he knows that God should be first in his life.

The professing atheist not only has the testimony of his impartial conscience, but he also has the testimony of creation. It "declares" the glory of God, and the person who denies the voice of conscience and the voice of creation is without excuse. If death seizes upon him and he is still in his sins, he will face the wrath of a holy Creator, whether he believes in Him or not.

This is why I don’t spend too much time trying to convince anyone that there is a God. To do so is to waste time and energy. What sinner’s need isn’t to be convinced that God exists, but that sin exists and that they are in terrible danger. The only biblical way to do this is to go through the Moral Law and explain that God considers lust to be adultery and hatred to be murder, etc. It is the revelation that God is holy and just, and sees the thought-life that convinces us that we are in danger of eternal damnation. That’s what sent me to the cross for mercy and that’s what sinners need to hear. So never be discouraged from preaching the gospel, and don’t get sidetracked by the rabbit trails of issues that don’t really matter.