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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Really Scary People

"Whateverman said...The fact that they think Ray provides anything substantive for these people is what scares me. To date, from him, I've seen nothing but insults, lies and misrepresentation of the opposing opinion. He's preaching to the choir (his supporters). Coupled with the fact that he calls this blog 'Atheist Central,' it would appear that he's teaching such methods to eager sheeple. That scares me."

Whateverman...twice in this comment you say that you are scared. We are at war. Thousands have been killed. The nuclear threat has become very real once again. Our economy is virtually collapsing. Gas prices are rising. Food is getting expensive. Unemployment is going through the roof. Hurricanes, tornado's and floods are killing people. Terrorism is threatening world peace. Around 20,000 people are murdered each year in this country. School shootings have become part of our culture. Murderous Islam is on the rise, the icecaps are melting, and cancer is taking the life of millions...and what scares you? Christians.