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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Stoning of Non-virgins

"The Bible says non-virgins should be stoned to death on their wedding night, yet it also says they should only be stoned by those without sin . . .. And since you claim every human has Sin, this results in the faithful NOT adhering to Biblical scripture because the Bible tells them not to. You have no idea how ridiculous you look right now."

This is going to be hard for you to swallow. The Bible backs up its claim to be God’s Word by being filled with amazing "antitypes" (an·ti·type n. 1. One that is foreshadowed by or identified with an earlier symbol or type, such as a figure in the New Testament who has a counterpart in the Old Testament).

These are hidden pictures of truths you wouldn’t understand because you are not "born of the Spirit." Scripture says that you will think that they are foolishness (see 1 Corinthians 2:14). But here goes anyway.

Christians are what the Bible calls "chaste virgins." We are what is referred to in the Bible as "the Bride of Christ," and we are waiting for the Bride Groom (the Lord Jesus Christ) to come for us (every human marriage is a "type" of Christ and His Church). However, those who are hypocrites (who profess to be chaste virgins but in truth are committing spiritual adultery by loving this sinful world) will come under the severe judgment of God. Jesus said a stone will fall on them and grind them to powder (see Matthew 21:44).

So when you mock these things in the Old Testament and reject the mercy of God because you don’t understand them, you are like a four year-old who mocks the writings of William Shakespeare. You are mocking that of which you have no understanding. See, I told you, you couldn't swallow it. You think such talk is foolishness, don't you? . . . just like the Bible says you would.

BTW. The Law of God calls for the stoning rebellious drunken youths as well as non-virgin brides, but there is no recorded incident of either happening in Scripture. It seems that the Law was feared in those days. That same Law will judge humanity (see Romans 2:12 and James 2:12).