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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

We Are Apes. Sure.

"We are apes. If there is such thing as a God, and if such God made us to his image, well, he obviously made the other apes to his image too. G.E."

God did make man in His image, and He made male and female so that they could reproduce after their own kind. Evolution believers erroneously believe that all of creation (millions of kinds), by themselves, came into being as male and female, and then gave themselves the ability to reproduce after their own kind.

The difference between man and apes is that man is a moral being. If you don’t believe it, watch the comments on this blog and see how moral atheists point to the moral Law to say that I have deviated morally from the truth (see Exodus 20:16).

What’s more, God made man as a man. He created sheep as they are; as sheep. He created birds, and fish--as they are--birds and fish. They were "in the beginning" as they are now. Nothing evolved and nothing is evolving. Tadpoles still change into frogs and caterpillars still change into butterflies, and they do that because God made them that way, not because of evolution.