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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Grasping for Evidence

"I'm intrigued that you say paintings and watches are bound by the laws of nature when the Bible talks of parting seas, walking on water, healing without medicine, random, global flooding, smiting, pillars of salt, virgin birth, resurrection and more -- none of which seem to obey any laws of nature we've discovered to date." Andy

This epitomizes the problem of speaking with a professing atheist. They stand on their own oxygen hose, and then wonder why they are grasping for evidence of the existence of God. However, what they maintain that they cannot find--evidence, is right in front of their nose. God created the sea. It didn’t crawl up out of a puddle billions of years ago, created by nothing. How crazy is that? So, if God made the sea, He can part it if He wants to. If He made the sea, He can also walk on it. If He created the human body, He can fix it when it breaks. He can smite what he wants, when He wants. He can create pillars of salt, pillars of fire, and pillars of goose feathers, if He wants. Virgin birth? No problem. Resurrection--piece of cake (see Acts 26:8).

The problem is, we are trying to reason with the person the Bible calls a "fool" (see Psalm 14:1) and fools tend to be very unreasonable. Want proof? Watch the comments for evidence.