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Monday, October 6, 2008

A Pin Drop

After this week's Transformed conference on the East Coast, with management's permission, Kirk Cameron, myself (and 14 others from our team) went to a showing of Fireproof. We entered about 30 minutes before the end, and when it concluded, Kirk stood up and introduced himself. You couldn't have heard a pin drop. There was too much noise -- too many gasps of unbelief. They had just watched a wonderful movie and now the hero was standing in front of them...in real life.

He spoke about some of the highlights of the movie, and explained that the woman he kissed in it wasn't his on screen wife, but his real wife who was especially flown in as a stunt double (that had to be a Hollywood first). Then Kirk introduced me, and I preached the gospel. It was as much a delight for us to speak as it was for the audience to see him in person. As we made a quick exit, a tall man in his thirty's ran after us and said that he wanted to surrender his life to Christ. It was sweet icing on the cake of a night.