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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Watch Me Get Called a Liar

Did you know that 49% of Americans have cereal for breakfast every day? Almost half the country started today with cereal. The Food Network says that the breakfast is "the ultimate Comfort food." How did they know? I have cereal for breakfast, for lunch, and I have it after dinner. The average American eats an amazing 160 bowls every year. I down 884 bowls of cereal, and slurp through 129 gallons of milk annually. My bone density is off the charts.

Here’s what atheists won’t be able to swallow. Recently I went to Trader Joe’s and purchased 252 boxes of Weetabix (15 ounce--that’s the large box). I kind of like it. I guess my love for cereal is a left-over from my surfing days. When the surf is up, you want to down a quick and easy-to-digest breakfast.

What has this to do with God? Everything. He made me, He gave me my appetite, He made the plants from which cereal comes, He made the sugar for the sweetness, and He made the cow from which we get the cool milk. So I thank Him for every mouthful, before, during, and after the event (see Psalm 23:5). I hope you do also.