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Sunday, November 2, 2008

We Knew it Was Coming...

"Col2v8 said...G'day Ray, I know this is off topic, but my 6yr old son wants to know why Kirk is smoking in episode 38? I think he deserves an answer... it's a good question after all, especially in light of your "Scratch & Sniff" picture book (which he has) that emphasizes the danger of smoking cigars and being around people who do. What do you suggest I tell him?"

Col2v8...Tell him that we had to make the nasty character (that Kirk played in that episode) look really mean. So he wore black, an evil-looking long coat, was unshaven, and he smoked that big cigar. Here's the irony. KIRK SHOT ME IN THE CHEST, IN THE SAME SCENE. We knew that we would get complaints about the cigar and not the gun. Please tell your boy on our behalf that the stinky cigar made Kirk feel really sick (even though he didn't inhale), and that the only dumb people smoke anything. Kirk also held a cigar (as a rich man) in another episode, and both of us robbed a bank in another one. Let him know that we don't advocate cigars or robbing banks :). Thanks for writing. I hope that helps.