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Saturday, November 15, 2008

The Ultimate Consolation

Jim (left) was tragically killed in a bicycle accident on Wednesday. He left a lovely wife (Kelly) and their two children. His passing was a reminder that this life is "the shadow of death" (see Psalm 23:4), and as the Bible says, the whole of humanity sits in that dark shadow (see Matthew 4:16). They are not going anywhere. They are just sitting, waiting for it to come to them.

How unspeakably thankful I am that "Light has dawned." For the Christian, the shadow has gone. The light of the glorious gospel of Christ banished it. Death has lost its sting for those that trust in the mercy of God. Jim was deeply into Wicca before he received the gift of everlasting life (see Romans 6:23). His death sentence was commuted because of Calvary. The moment he repented and trusted in Jesus, he was saved from the demands of eternal justice.

No doubt, some will say that the fact that he tragically died is proof that there’s no loving God. Such is the erroneous philosophy that comes from the modern gospel. Don’t believe when preachers tell you that Christians don’t get sick, have problems, or get killed. When it rains, we get wet too.

Christianity doesn’t promise a smooth flight. Just a safe landing. That’s what Jim had. You can have it too, if you will repent and trust the Savior. Do it today. Death and Hell are a good reason to do so.