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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Which Came First?

The following are some attempts (by believers in evolution), to answer the question about which came first--the blood, the heart, or the blood vessels, and why:

"Which came first? Blood (albeit in a different form), I'd guess. Why? I don't know."
"Would you really listen to an explanation? It would be a lengthy one and I fear I couldn't avoid using big names such as ‘coelom’ or ‘deuterostomia.'"
"The concept of oxygen transporting molecules is much older than any kind of blood vessels."
"Those are questions for an evolutionary biologist..."
"That is a very common tactic . . . Ask a series of questions that would take two years of formal study to answer. And you expect to answer it in a blog comment."
"Get real, Ray."
"...No one needs evolution to show that you are out in left field with your irrational belief system."
"As I understand it, blood came first, then blood vessels, then the heart."
"All you need is a little imagination Ray. But I will not go there. It would require too much space."
"Ask them expecting an answer. Don't ask them expecting to catch people in a lie. You might learn something."
"I don't know how circulatory systems evolved. I'll go down to the local university and ask a biologist about it."
"You have a tendency to oversimplify scientific positions and ideas to the point where they become gross misrepresentations of the original idea, especially when these ideas are repeated by people who post on your blog who are not experts in the subject."
"Biology is not my science. So, I'm not the person to answer your question.”
"I'd give you an answer, but I fear my cat will get more use out of it than you would Ray."
"Maybe if you used the internet for it's original purpose, you might *gasp* learn something."

The only answer to these questions is that Almighty God supernaturally made the human body (and every other creature) with a heart, lungs (needed for oxygenated blood), kidneys (to get rid of bad blood) vessels, arteries, blood, skin (to hold it all in), etc., all at once. Unthinkable for an atheist, but true.