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Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Anvil of Eternal Justice

In a recent political scandal, commentators spoke of a "culture of corruption" surrounding a certain high profile politician. In reference to the fact that he had violated the law, one commentator said, "The line kept moving," and that he seemed to have "lost his moral compass."

That’s the result of the theory of relativity. Mankind has a theory that there is no absolute right and absolute wrong. The strange thing about it is, he is absolutely sure that he’s right when he says that no one can be absolutely sure about anything. The political commentators also said that he thought he was invulnerable. Pride and arrogance are often the bedfellows of corruption.

The fallen political figure is typical of the proud human heart. He lives in a culture of corruption where he pushes the moral envelope. Like the proud politician, he thinks he’s invulnerable. However, the line of right and wrong is not relative. It is written in stone. It doesn’t change, move, or soften. When the moral Law is violated, the sinner becomes an anvil for eternal justice. Time will show that to be true.

The political commentators called the politician "ethically challenged." That’s modern vernacular for saying that they thought he was a criminal. The only way to prove that, is to try him by civil law.

The same applies to you and me. We are extremely ethically challenged. If found guilty on Judgment Day we will go away for more than a long time. It will be for eternity. But the Judge is rich in mercy, and He kindly offers us a reprieve in the gospel. Read about it in the New Testament. Do it today. You may not have tomorrow.