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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Ask an Atheist

Ask most atheists what was in the beginning and they will say "Evolution." Press him on what was before evolution--what was its initial cause, and he will be stumped. He cannot give an answer as to where the material came from for evolution to bring life into being. For the initial cause to make sense, it had to be something that was immaterial (non-material), of which God is. The Bible says that it was the Spirit of God that moved upon the face of the waters (see Genesis 1:2).

So that brings the atheist to his only defense. He asks "Who then made God?" His real dilemma isn’t that he believes that God doesn’t exist, but that he doesn’t understand how God could exist eternally. If that’s the case, then every human being is an atheist. No one can wrap his finite mind around the eternal nature of God.

However, who of us can comprehend the infinitude of space? Imagine sending an incredibly powerful laser beam into space, and it traveling in a particular direction for tens of billions of trillions of miles. It will never reach an end. Now move your beam slightly to the right of that first direction in which you pointed it, and send it tens of billions of trillions of miles, and it will never come to the end of space. Repeat the beam exercise a million times in a million different directions, and never will you come to an end of an infinite space in any direction you point it.

Such thoughts become too much for the human mind, and thoughts of God and His eternal nature are the same. But there is something that can make the mind ache even more. Go back to the thoughts of the immensity of space. Get a grip on all those different beams of light going for hundreds of billions of trillions of miles in a tens of millions of directions, each beam moving an infinite distance away from the other beams, as it reaches into space.

Think how "large" space is, then say to yourself that God made it. But more than that, He fills space with His presence. He is omnipresent (everywhere at once). But even more than that. He is as much "God" at a point a billion trillion miles into space as He is in your presence at this moment of time. He is not divided in thought.

Then add to that, the fact that He holds all knowledge of every thought and deed of every human being in His infinite mind, and you have scratched the tiny surface of the surface of thought, about the greatness of God.