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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

A Good Question

"Crucifinch said... I like your blog, Ray, but that last paragraph confuses me. I was under the impression that your blog was a vehicle for converting atheists, if possible. However, by saying "Watch how atheists avoid answering this" makes it seem that your audience is actually other like minded Christians, and the purpose of this post is to mock atheists, or provide reassurance to Christians of how feeble the atheist position is. Who exactly was this post intended for, Ray? Or this blog? I really am curious, I mean no malice."

Crucifinch...have you ever been in a good open air preaching situation? That's what this blog is--online open air preaching. In a good "open air" you have what is called a "heckler." He is usually a colorful character who is often upset. He is loud and somewhat agressive. He is the one who attracts the crowd (who's going to gather around to hear a preacher?). It is his presence that holds the crowd long enough for me to share the gospel--that God offers everlasting life to those who obey Him. While I am directing myself at the heckler, I am also speaking to the crowd.

That's what's happening on this site. We have more than one "heckler" here, and they give this blog the life it needs to keep people coming back. But there’s a crowd listening (this blog gets emailed out daily). That's why I am honored to have atheists here. I bait them and they bite (I'm a "fisher of men" see Luke 5:10). Most of them have said that they are closed to the gospel, but the others who are on the sidelines may have an open mind. Those are the ones to whom I am speaking--unsaved fence-sitters.

If these atheists really hated me, they wouldn't keep coming back. But they stay because they enjoy crossing swords.

For your interest, here is an example of a colorful heckler.


I hope this helps. I hope you, the regular atheists, and the rest of our crowd have a wonderful Christmas.