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Monday, December 1, 2008

In Reference to the "Sexes Without Sex" Post

The evolutionary explanation of where male and female must have come from, has angered some believers in the theory. Calling me an idiot, a rat, a dummy, stupid, a hypocrite, an imbecile, dense, brainless, a dimwit, an uneducated fool, a liar, or a combination of these is okay. However, names with sexual connotations will be deleted.

Some of you have written long and sincere comments, and then ended with a remark I have to delete, when I would prefer to let it through.

It would strengthen the evolution case (instead of resorting to name-calling) to instead explain what Darwin did believe about the origin of male and female. Enlighten me.

Dimensio said, "In fact, distinct gender emerged as a result of organisms being able to reproduce through the sharing of genetic information in reproduction. Initial 'sexual' reproduction of this nature was essentially gender-neutral, as there was no 'male' or 'female' assignment because any given organism could share or receive compatible genetic information from another organism of the same species. Gender differentiation emerged as a result of specialization of this ability."

Dimensio...Can you please explain to me how you know this to be true?