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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Investigator

An investigator was asked to listen to the testimony of four eye witnesses to a bank robbery. He found that three of the witnesses said that there were only two bank robbers, while the fourth disagreed. He adamantly maintained that there were three.

Did the investigator therefore conclude that the bank robbery didn’t take place? Of course not. He began to think deeply as to how the testimonies could harmonize, and rightly came to the conclusion that one of the bank employees had been an accomplice to the robbery.

If, for some reason, the investigator had the preconceived notion that all the witnesses were liars, he wouldn’t be an "investigator." If he is seeking the truth, he must set aside all personal prejudice and attempt (within the bounds of reason) to harmonize his eye-witness testimonies.

If anyone wants to investigate the "contradictions" of the testimony of the gospels, he must put aside preconceived notions--all personal prejudice, and humbly seek the truth. For those who do so, it doesn't take long to see their perfect harmony.