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Monday, December 22, 2008

More Moonlight

The moon has a lot of silica on its surface, which is a very reflective mineral, ideal for reflecting the sun. The moon turns at exactly the same speed it orbits, so we never see the other side. The sun and the moon govern the tides, more by the moon than the sun since it is closer to earth. When the moon is close to earth the tides will be high in that region, since the gravitational pull of the moon pulls the water on earth towards it. The moon causes tides, which cause waves to break along shores (also waves at sea). This tumbling effect brings oxygen into the water, which keeps sea life alive. If the moon was larger or closer the tides would be devastating, if it was smaller or further away the tides would fail to oxygenate the water and most sea life would die.

The moon governs our entire tidal system. Yet atheists, in the name of science, mock the thought that the moon can "rule the night" (see Genesis 1:16). Perhaps in time science will discover that the moon has relationship to the night. Sadly, atheism has done to science, what hypocrisy has done to Christianity.

When a man (or woman) professes atheism, he immediately disqualifies himself to speak as a representative of science because his premise is a violation of the fundamental rule of science--"nothing created everything.”"