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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Painted into a Corner

"Ray. I have no idea about what Darwin believed about the evolution of sex. I do not care. It is not a matter of name calling either. The problem is that you just assumed that Darwin postulated something because it was something about evolution. No lifetime has been so long that a single scientist could have solved all the questions about the theory by her/himself. This is the point (in case you missed it). What you really would have to know is not what Darwin thought about the evolution of sex, but what is currently known. In science we have no prophets, no messiahs. We work and work and work, and results get published, and knowledge increases. Why would I be limited to find out what, and 'if,' Darwin thought when there is a bunch of current knowledge that would give me a better perspective? G.E."

G.E. It’s not a matter of solving all the questions of his theory. It’s only one of a million cans of worms he opened. When you eliminate a Creator, you are stuck with the ramifications. We have male and female throughout creation. Darwin and every believer in evolution believes that male and female evolved. There was a time when there was no male and no female, and then over millions of years, they came about through the process of evolution to a point of having the ability to reproduce. You don’t know how they reproduced before that point, but you are stuck with the fact that before there were both sexes the only way they could carry on their species, was to be asexual. That’s unless you say that "in the beginning there was male and female," and that cuts too close to the Genesis bone for an atheist.