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Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Atheist's Amazing Imagination

History has shown that man has often used the name of God for his own agenda--from religious wars, to Adolph Hitler (who had "God with us" engraved on the belt buckles of Nazi Germany). The zealous evolutionist evokes the name of science in the same way, and as far as he is concerned, anyone who disagrees with his beliefs disagrees with science and is therefore ignorant.

Evolutionary "scientists" would excel as Disney imagineers. Take for example the gifted folks at the very popular "The Future is Wild" ministry. These secular prophets predict the future. They give long-term evolutionary horoscopes for the earth--what evolution may do in 100 million years time, all in the name of science.

They do with the future what believers in evolution do with the past. They imagine. Then they draw pictures of what they believe may happen, and sell them to kids and those with the imagination of a child. They say, "Every animal and plant in The Future is Wild could really exist. Our science team devised each one as a viable, living organism . . . It’s not surprising that our scientists talk about them as if they really existed!"

The same goes for those who imagine what things were like up to 14 billion years into the past, and talk about it as if they weren’t really imagining. All in the name of science. Imagine that.

Pic. This is an imaginary "Squibbon" (100 million years plus): "Squibbons spend their entire lives in the trees. They have evolved large brains to cope with their crowded habitat."