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Monday, January 5, 2009

Be Reasonable

Theist Christopher Geiser said: "Math teachers are not seen as narrow-minded when they say there is only one answer to 2+2." Antagonist, Jason, replied, "They can also demonstrate that answer."

But math teachers cannot demonstrate anything to someone who is unreasonable. If an unreasonable person (for some reason) wanted to change the definition of the number 2, and then say that the second 2 was not the same quantity as the first, you have a stalemate. To argue any logic, you need both parties to be reasonable.

This is the problem theists have with those who believe themselves to be atheists. The fact that there cannot be a creation without a Creator is reasonable common sense. That common sense is abandoned by the atheist. He keeps coming back and parroting "Show me the evidence," when the evidence is as plain as two plus two equals four.