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Thursday, February 19, 2009

One of my long-standing friends

This man's name is Gilbert (“little buddy” to his close friends). He is 7' tall. He tells people that he’s 6’ 12”. I’m a more down-to-earth 5’ 5”.

Gilbert has big feet. Really big feet. He wears a size 17--a small canoe for my entire family. I wear a mere 8 1/2.

Gilbert has a big skull, big hands, big bones, and a big brain. You could call him “Homo great Dane-ian,” and me “Homo Chihuahua,” if you wish. But whatever you call us, it wouldn’t change the fact that we are of the same species--Homo sapiens. Both of us are part of the human family.

There are millions of variations in the fossil record. There are small dinosaurs and there are big dinosaurs. Some have big feet, big skulls, and big bones. There are small dogs and big dogs, big and small horses, and big and small cats. There are bones of birds that had large heads and large claws. There is no argument there. But that’s not evidence of Darwinian evolution, just as there is no evolutionary change between Gilbert and myself. We are simply differing forms of the same species. Evolution’s believers are still looking for species-to-species transitional forms in the fossil record. There is nothing in the bone record that is empirical evidence of one species transitioning into another species. There are the old bones of a bird that scientists theorize could have been a dinosaur, simply because it has large claws (Archaeopteryx). Some modern birds also have claws on their wings, and yet no one claims they are missing links. But they are just "theorizing." They are merely imagining. Like John Lennon. It’s easy if you try. Evolutionary "scientists" are good at imagining. They do it with fish, birds, lizards, and of course, humans. They even draw little pictures to make them look real, like the talented Disney imagineers. But it’s not reality. In reality, the missing links are still missing.

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