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Monday, March 9, 2009

Atheist pope

“As to your question of whether we'd rather see you in Hell due to your lying, the fact you can ask that means you are aware that us atheists are generally more compassionate than you Christians. We don't think you deserve Hell. You do think we deserve Hell.” Chris

Chris… I have no idea if atheists are more compassionate than Christians, but I dare say that you could count hospitals and homeless shelters set up by atheists on the fingers of an armless man.

However, I do have a question for you. Who made you the spokesperson for atheists? Are you the atheist pope? Perhaps when you say “We don’t think you deserve Hell,” in your mind you are presuming that there is a chorus of atheists “Amen”ing you.

Who we think does and doesn’t deserve Hell has no bearing on the issue at all. It is God who has power to kill and cast into Hell. He is the One the Bible says is your enemy. He is the One whose just wrath “abides” on you (see John 3:36). It was only when I understood God’s Law that I realized that I personally deserve Hell. Remember, God sees your thoughts. He sees them from perfect holiness and absolute purity, and He warns that every single transgression of His Law (including thoughts) will come out as evidence of your guilt. Think about your sins, then think about the fact that God is rich in mercy and is willing to forgive. If you refuse mercy, you will get justice, and that’s fearful.