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Saturday, April 11, 2009

An atheist's question about the cross

"[God] sacrificed Himself to Himself so that he would not violate His perception of justice. He gets mad when we don't accept His sacrifice of Himself to Himself. This sounds believable to people?"

Let's put it differently so that it sounds believable. God is just and holy. That means that He is a like a good judge who sees a devious criminal who has viciously murdered eight innocent young girls. If the judge is good, he is going to be mad at the criminal and throw the book at him. That makes sense.

God is extremely mad at sinners (see Romans 2:5-6), and because He is good the Day is coming when He will throw the Book at every criminal who has violated His Law. Yet, this same wrath-filled judge is rich in mercy and became a human being in Jesus of Nazareth so that we could be forgiven. We broke God's Law. Jesus paid our fine. That means that God can legally dismiss our case and give us everlasting life. That makes it believable.

What is unbelievable, is anyone refusing such an incredible gift.