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Thursday, April 23, 2009

An atheist talks about nothing

"There are a gazillions kinds of atheists. And each might ‘believe’ differently. The question contains many hidden meanings, and its purpose is to lead to equivocation. 'Nothing created anything' would be correct if we re-write it to say: Atheists do not believe that anything was 'created.' That one would encompass most atheists, I guess. And there is no embarrassment for that. Nor intellectual, nor otherwise. But it is incorrect if it means: Atheists believe that 'nothing' was the 'creative force' that produced the universe. Not because it ‘would be an intellectual embarrassment,' but because that does not describe what any atheist I know thinks (not believes, but thinks). I bet most would claim not to know what if anything produced the universe. We could cite BIG BANGs and such, but &!$*, I do not understand anything of those theories. But that does not mean God, nor that ‘nothingness’ would be something I ‘believe’ to be a creative force. So, what do I think (not believe, think), well, I think that natural processes are behind the universe. Not "nothing" but natural processes. It would be more accurate if Ray said, 'Atheists believe that nobody created the universe.'" G.E.

Look at the embarrassing intellectual hoops G.E. has had to go through to keep God out of his beliefs. He thinks that nothing was "created," that we are not living in a "creation"-- because that has strong connotations of there being a Creator. He therefore can’t use the word "made," because that speaks of a Maker--and that speaks of God, and any thoughts of God speaks of some sort moral responsibility.

So he is saying that material (creation) exists, but there was no force that brought it into being. He thinks that nothing brought it into being. So we (once again) have a clear definition of an atheist. An atheist is someone who thinks (but doesn’t believe) that nothing created everything.

There's no way to say it kindly, but such thoughts show that the atheist doesn’t think, and prove that the Bible right when it says that the fool has said in his heart that there is no God (see Psalm 14:1 and Romans 1:20).

He concludes by saying, "It would be more accurate if Ray said, 'Atheists believe that nobody created the universe.' Let me change one word to make what he is saying make more sense: "It would be more comfortable if Ray said, 'Atheists believe that nobody created the universe.'"