Hover over Romans 1:20-22 for proof of God's existence, and over Matthew 5:27-28 for Judgment Day’s perfect standard. Then hover over John 3:16-18 for what God did, and over Acts 17:30-31 for what to do.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

The mirror

"It is strange that you believe God created a set of rules that we are supposed to live by and created these rules and we humans in such a way that none of us can follow them. We all sin. When we sin God blames us for following our nature and being incapable of living sin free."

That won't hold water of Judgment Day. It wouldn't even work in civil court: "Judge, society's rules are too hard to keep, and you are trying to blame me when it's merely my nature to violate the law."

Let's ask the question as to which of God's "rules" is unfair? Is it the one that says it's wrong to lie? Steal? Murder? Adultery? Perhaps it's the one that says that we should love Him above all things. But the First Commandment is reasonable. God gave us life and every blessing we enjoy. All the rules do is what the mirror does for us each morning. It shows us that we need to go to the water and wash. It reflects the truth. The mirror of God's Law shows us that we are ungrateful, sin-loving sinners who desperately need to be washed from the uncleanness of our sins. And that was the purpose of the cross. Jesus took the punishment for our sins so that we could be morally clean on the Day of Judgment.