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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Ugly and hateful religion

"Any God that would torture Anne Frank for all eternity is unworthy of worship . . . Awhile back, Ray posted a comment addressing the question of what happens to a child deep in the third world who dies w/o ever even hearing about Jesus? Does he get a break? Nope. Not according to your religion. I don't buy into hateful, ugly religions like that." Captain Howdy

Captain . . . why do you insist that Jews go to Hell? Jesus was Jewish. All the disciples were Jewish. The first 8,000 Christians were Jewish. I am Jewish. Christianity came from the home of the Jews. It went to "the Jew first," and is now universal to both Jew and Gentile. It isn't an American religion. It's Jewish. And, because God is gracious, His Word says "whoever" repents and trusts alone in Jesus Christ for their salvation is Heaven-bound. They have eternal life! It is that simple.

Please tell me how do you know what Ann Frank believed about the promised Jewish Messiah? Explain to me how you can make such a harsh judgment about her salvation and think that she went to Hell.

And how do you know so much about this "third world" of which you speak (I presume that you think that you are part of the first world)? Your understanding of biblical theology is sadly very lacking. If you had it correct, you would know that God saves whom He will, whether they are in your third, second, or first world. He graciously saved me--a Jew, who lived at the uttermost part of the earth (fourth world country?).

The reason you don’t buy into a "hateful ugly religion," is because you have created your own ugly and hateful view of Christianity. It is blinding you to the reality of the love and forgiveness of God. It is as blinding as racial prejudice and much more damning.