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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Blind as a bat

When a friend from Minnesota visited Los Angeles for the first time, his trip didn't begin too well. It was just after 911, and because his suitcase was tightly packed when passing through security at the airport, he mumbled that it was about to "explode." They pulled him aside for questioning.

Cedric had never seen the sea, so within an hour of arriving at his hotel in L.A., he excitedly took a taxi and went to the beach. He carefully placed his credit cards, cash, driver’s license, and his social security card into a small sealed bag and hung it around his neck. Then he went swimming.

Unfortunately, a large wave knocked him under the water and he came up without the bag! He panicked and dove under to frantically search for it. That’s when he lost his contact lenses.

So now he's blind as a bat, couldn't find the bag, had no money, no credit cards, and no identification. All he had were his shoes to offer a taxi driver as collateral to get him back to his hotel.

If you are not a Christian you are a little like Cedric. You are blind, with no contact or credit with God (see Ephesians 4:18). Cedric was able to find his way because he had some collateral. You have nothing to offer God. In His eyes you are morally bankrupt. But that’s where grace comes in (see Ephesians 2:8-9). If you will simply repent of your sins, and call upon the name of Jesus Christ, God will save you from death and Hell, create a clean heart in you so that you love righteousness, and open your blind eyes so that you can see.