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Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Atheist's opinion

The Atheist’s opinions as to why lying is wrong were varied, but interesting. B. Pierce thought that it is wrong to lie "because it ends up harming people." Therefore, I presume that his opinion is that lying is morally okay if no one is harmed. Someone else said, "In your case, lying over an academic matter, there are no legal issues. There is just the assumption that no one caught lying in academia will ever be taken seriously again, founded on the basis that honesty is essential for academia to function."

Steven J. loosely quotes Jesus, when he says, "On the other hand, there is outright fraud: passing off stones and serpents when we're looking to you for bread and fish. If you pose as a teacher, we should expect from you education, not miseducation, at least an attempt to communicate the facts, not deliberate indifference to whether what you're saying is true or false."

Let’s just stop and consider what is being said. This issue of why an Atheist thinks lying is wrong arose because it was my opinion that Richard Dawkins believed that there is a possibility we were seeded by aliens. It’s also my opinion that his explanation as to why he said that was a bad cover-up. This is because he is forever making wild speculations about the theory of evolution, continually using the words "probably," "maybe" and "perhaps." With evolution, everything is possible, given time. Again, that’s my opinion. You may have a different opinion. I don’t accuse you of lying just because you believe his explanation.

We also have differing opinions on the theory of evolution. You may believe it; I don’t. I don’t call any of you liars because we have differing opinions. However, I’m continually called a liar by many Atheists because I believe we were created by God. I am called a liar because I don’t think evolution is scientific, and because I don’t believe Professor Dawkin’s explanation.

Yet, the irony is that the Atheist has no grounds to say that lying is morally wrong. He only has his opinion. He has no moral compass from which he can make that judgment, as does the Christian.

Of all the cake-takers in this discourse, "Ryk" gets the biggest slice. Look at what he says:

"The greater frequency in which the person lies the greater the future assumption of dishonesty. This is why I never lie. My honor and reputation are like a shield against doubt. Since I have never been known to lie, my words are widely trusted. Since what I say is supported by fact, people know I speak fact. Since whenever I have been mistaken I admit error and correct myself people know that I will correct my errors and that any misinformation I may have given is inadvertent."

It’s my opinion that self-righteousness will take more people to Hell than murder. How true are the words "All the ways of a man are clean in his own eyes..." (Proverbs 16:2). Listen to him: "I never lie . . . I have been never known to lie." He’s never lied even once, in his whole life? How many of you believe that? I don’t.

However, we will find out the truth on Judgment Day. That’s unless Ryk stops his self-righteous boasting, confesses and forsakes his sins and places his trust in Jesus Christ. If that’s the case, no one will know about any of his sins because God will not only forgive them, He will "blot" them out, according to His immutable promise.