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Monday, June 1, 2009

An atheist's question

"I am curious...the other Christians that post here (including you Ray...does God speak to you audibly?" Dave B.

If I start hearing voices I will get some professional counsel, quickly. Mental institution are filled with people who hear voices, and many think that God is actually speaking to them. Others mistake the voice of their conscience as the voice of God, or even the voice of their own subconscious.

I speak to God each day in prayer (most Americans pray regularly), and He speaks to me through His Word (the Bible) which I have been reading every day without fail for more than 37 years. It is through the Bible that I have learned about the character and nature of God. It tells me what His will is for my life and what's in store for those that obey Him and those that don't.

"For us here that have at some point in our lives sincerely begged and pleaded for God to intervene, to give us a sign that He exists, let alone cares about our lives...why have we heard absolutely nothing?" Dave B.

That’s like standing outside of a large and beautifully constructed building and pleading with someone to give you some sort of sign that there was a builder. You don’t need a sign that God exists. You simply need eyes to see the genius of His handiwork. God exists because creation exists. If there was no God, there would be no creation, and because of that the Bible says that you are without excuse (see Romans 1:20).

You have heard "absolutely nothing" because God doesn’t come on your terms. You are cut off from Him by your sins (see Isaiah 59:1). How arrogant and conceited would I be to say, "I summoned the President of the United States to come to my house to speak with me, and he didn’t come. I didn’t hear a word from him, therefore he doesn’t exist." If I want an audience with someone of importance, I have to approach him on his terms, not mine. So stop asking for a sign and do what God tells you to do. Repent and trust the Savior, then you will have the ear of God (see John 14:21).