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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Mr. Comfort goes to Washington

"You are talking to the faithful while pretending to talk to us. You aren't selling books to the atheists, you are selling books to the faithful . . . So they can get their warm fuzzies on 'Oh I am doing my bit for the Lord!', all the while we are just sitting here going 'Are people really this dumb?', as they fund your next trip to some museum."

Two corrections: I am paying my own way to Washington DC this weekend, and Christians are very wise (see Matthew 7:24-25 for why).

I’m particularly excited about visiting the Smithsonian museum. Apparently it is humongous. Really big. But I am preparing myself for disappointment, thanks to an evolution believer who explained to me why I’m not going to find what I am looking for:

"Most museums don't display detailed species to species transitions because of space issues and not because they don't exist. The fossils on display are just a tiny fraction of the collections housed at these institutions."

Sure. I will also keep in mind that whoever I interview won’t be an expert, anything I say will be a "straw man," whoever I quote will be "quote-mined," and any empirical evidence for the theory of evolution will always be somewhere else.