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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Science, DNA, Adam and Eve

This must make evolution believers (who think) a little nervous. The New York Times reports:

"In new genetic studies of modern human origins, scientists think they have found strong evidence that there was an ancestral 'Adam' about 188,000 years ago to go with the previously discovered 'Eve.'

"The scientists used certain male-specific segments of the Y chromosome, the chromosome passed from father to son, to trace the common ancestor of every man now on earth to that period. They are reporting the findings today in the journal Nature, which also includes a separate study placing Adam in a more recent time.

"Earlier analysis of the DNA of the mitochondria, the tiny structures within each cell that generate its energy and that are transmitted only by the mother, indicated that all humans have as a common ancestor one woman who lived in Africa some 200,000 years ago -- and inevitably has been stuck with the name Eve. All human mitochondrial DNA now extant, it seemed, derived from a single ancestral mitochondrial molecule from that place and time."