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Monday, June 29, 2009

The Smithsonian

I finally had the privilege of visiting the amazing Natural History Museum at the Smithsonian Institute, in Washington D.C. I wanted to see the undeniable evidence for evolution that had so often been talked about by its believers.

We inquired where we could find the evolution exhibit and were told to go past the dinosaur exhibit, and there we would find the Neanderthal display.

We carefully followed the directions through the skeletons of all sorts of horses, amazing dinosaurs and all kinds of God-created creatures. Suddenly, there is was…the crowning glory of the Smithsonian Institute’s evolution display--a family of hairy dummies looking like a cheap window display of a Halloween store. It was underwhelming.

I was reminded of my disappointing experience at Paris’s "Museum National D'Histoire Naturelle Grand Galerie De L'Evolution." The French also had exhibits of thousands of God’s creatures, and tried to justify the name of the museum by displaying one copy of Origin of Species and a stuffed monkey with a "Lucy" sign on it.

An insightful scientist once said that evolution has done nothing for humanity. Time has proven him wrong. Evolution has become a massive money-making business. The faithful flock to buy books, bones (do a search on the massive fake fossil industry), DVD’s, magazines, made-for TV documentaries, and it all evolved from nothing but the molehill of one man’s imagination. The whole-hearted embracing of the Theory of Evolution without empirical proof, is a sad testimony to the gullibility of the human mind.

P.s. A comment from "Carl":

"I had a similar experience when I took my son to the evolution exhibit at the Los Angeles Museum of Natural History last year. Other than a few pictures and diagrams and dioramas with figurines, there was nothing. Since there are literally thousands, if not millions of fossils that could be used to demonstrate the past evolution of an animal, why were they all 'in storage'? It's a huge museum with more than ample floor space but they didn't have enough space for an evolution exhibit? The fake diorama used up enough space to exhibit genuine fossils to show evolution rather than diagrams and figurines. I also had the same experience at the New York Museum of Natural History back in 2001."

"I also looked diligently through the Smithsonian when I visited there on vacation. Like you, I saw all sorts of life forms that God created, but nothing to show any of them had ever been anything other than what God made them 'in the beginning.' Oh sure, they have fabricated excellent 'what if' displays, along with all sorts of little stories and flowery dates snatched out of thin air, which unfortunately deceives many. The saddest part of this deception is that children are impressionable and may possibly be influenced by the lifelike mannequins with the body hair carefully glued on where evolutionists imagined it would be." Honeybee