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Sunday, July 26, 2009

The "Forming" of the Universe

"Atheists do not believe the Universe is a 'creation' in the sense you use the word. Thus they cannot believe it was 'created.' Most of those answering, such as myself, just think the Universe was formed due to natural causes. Natural causes, properties, phenomena, are not a creator." G. E. (Get Education).

I can understand why atheists do not believe that the universe was "created," or even that it’s a "creation." Both those words speak of a Creator, so you need to find another word that doesn't have that connotation. I noted that you are careful not to say that the universe is eternal. That would be a way out, but you know that such a belief is a scientific impossibility. Time would have caused an eternal universe to disappear into dust, eons ago. So the natural word to settle on, when it comes to what happened in the beginning, is to say that the universe "formed." An atheist is someone who believes that everything formed itself.

So if there was such a thing as the atheist Old Testament, it should begin with "In the beginning there was nothing, and nothing formed itself into everything." But you can't believe that because of what you have said. You believe that nature existed, and that nature ("natural causes") formed itself into everything. But if nature existed, then you don't have a beginning. What caused nature?

There’s a huge elephant in the room and it's standing on your foot. You are trying your best to deny its existence, and yet still sound educated. I feel your pain.