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Monday, August 10, 2009

Do I Believe in Wizards?

"And Ray, was Thunderf00t telling the truth in his 'post-amble' when he relates ‘The thing I really remember was that Ray believes in witches, wizards, demons and sorcerers."

If you don’t believe that witches exist, simply Google the word "witches" and you will get 10,600,000 results. If, as an atheist, you believe that seeing is believing, I’m sure one will accommodate you. So it’s true that I believe that witches exist. Do I believe that these folks that are involved in witchcraft are capable of casting spells? I have no idea.

Do I believe in wizards? I sure do. I preached in "Speaker’s Corner" in the city of Christchurch (population 350,000--http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Christchurch) almost every day for 12 years, and crossed swords many times with "The Wizard of Christchurch." I took the first lunch hour and he took the second.

"Jack" was a very good open air speaker. He hated Christians, but often after he heckled me (he was easily my best heckler), we would go off together for a cup of tea. We also swapped birthday and Christmas presents. At times he would even let me get onto his ladder and preach the gospel to his crowd.

He was deeply into cosmology and graduated from the University of Leeds with a double honors degree in psychology and sociology. He practiced sorcery regularly, much to the delight of the general public. If you don’t believe he existed because you don’t believe in wizards, you can see some rare footage of my old friendly enemy on youtube:


I also believe in demons. This isn’t only because the Bible says that they possess people and hold them in bondage to sin, but because I have had the eye-opening experience of casting them out of people a number of times (many years ago).

You can read of these hair-raising experiences in the book, Out of the Comfort Zone in a chapter called "Hair Raisers." I wouldn't read it at night, if I was you.