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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Heaven is Coming to Earth

"Ray -- what will you do to pass the time when you get to Heaven? Your ministry is obviously a great passion, and a great motivating factor. What will you do to pass the time for eternity with no-one to save?"

Think for a moment of the best meal around which you have wrapped your salivating lips. Think of the most amazing animals and fish you have ever seen, or the most breath-taking snow-caped mountains, or tall green trees. Think of the greatest moment of pleasure you have experienced, whether it was an intimate moment (I may as well say that because it will no doubt come to mind), or whether it was seeing the birth of your first child. Think of pictures you have seen of amazing blue waters lapping onto the white sands of a beautiful beach.

Then pull all those amazingly pleasurable thoughts into one vision of joy and drop them in a trash bin where they belong. This is because this entire creation is under the curse of Almighty God. He gave us all those pleasures (including sex), but they are absolutely nothing compared to what He has in store for those that love Him (see 1 Corinthians 2:9).

The Bible says God that subjected all things to "futility." Every pleasure is both part of this "fallen" and cursed creation and it will be fleeting. It doesn’t last. It’s momentary. And then it becomes a past memory, and in time death will come to you and take you into eternity.

This is the message of the entire Book of Ecclesiastes. King Solomon made the wealth of Bill Gates look like pocket change, and the wisdom of our most intelligent contemporary sound like the mumblings of a dummy. He was super wise and filthy rich, and yet he lamented, "Vanity. All is vanity and chasing the wind." It was nothing but chasing the wind, because of the reality of impending death.

So, what will I do for eternity? I will enjoy "pleasures forevermore." I will get to inherit this earth, but it will be changed—remodeled, transformed, new, and utterly improved. The Genesis curse will be removed. That means no pain, no tears, no disease, no suffering, death, and no futility. Not an ounce.

I will no longer desperately seeking to save those who are heading for Hell. Then it will be too late. The door of God’s mercy will be closed. He says that if you want filth, you will have it and what it entails for eternity. But for all who repent and trust the Savior even our memories will be reconditioned. We won’t remember "the former things."

So, what are you going to be doing for eternity? Please join us. See needGod.com for details of what to do.