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Thursday, September 3, 2009

A Question for Atheists

We are starting a daily blog-talk radio program soon, and we are considering having a regular "Atheist Friday," where Atheists call in and chat.

How many of you would have the courage step out from the anonymity of the Internet, and actually say something on radio?

A Question About the Program:
"Andy Duchemin said...Would this radio show be live? Obviously you wouldn't appreciate people using 'foul' language on your show so it it'd have to be delayed to weed out the saboteurs. I ask because you are a master of editing. I've watched your Way of the Master show and I've never seen you stumped. Not that you actually win every argument you have, I just don't think you air the ones you lose. No one likes to be made to look a fool, especially with your own show."

Andy...it will be LIVE, and I am hosting along with my friend Tony Miano. Obviously you've never watched The Way of the Master episode called "When Things go Wrong." I get humiliated, spat on, chased, and made to look foolish.

Thank you for your kind repsonse.