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Monday, October 12, 2009

For Those Who Keep Saying I don't Know What I am Talking About...

"Transitional fossils (popularly termed missing links) are the fossilized remains of intermediary forms of life that illustrate an evolutionary transition."

"An organism with features that it holds in common with organisms presumed to be its ancestor and descendant but that neither of these hold in common."

"Evolution predicts that there should be a great many fossils of transitional forms, intermediate between ancestors and descendents."

"A transitional form is a living or fossilized organism that is believed to be an evolutionary link between two distinct groups (also referred to as intermediates or missing links)."

"A transitional form is a fossil or living organism that is intermediate between two other organism in an evolutionary sequence. A transitional form that has not yet been found is colloquially called a 'missing link'."

To say "We are all transitional forms" is to move the goalposts, because you can't win the game. You redefine "transitional forms" because you have no evidence upon which you so blindly place your faith. Judgment Day will reveal the tragedy of this misplaced trust. Please, set aside your presuppositions, and listen to the claims of the gospel. Your eternity is at stake.