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Friday, October 16, 2009

Guest Blogger

Look around the room you are in. Name anything that wasn’t made or designed. Unless you’re in the kitchen you’d be hard-pressed to argue that everything in the room wasn’t made or designed by someone (and even then only an atheist could put fruit or veggies on the list).

Yet atheists believe the whole world and everything in it, fell into place through random chance and was created by nobody. Yet we’re not just struggling life forms on a planet that barely has the necessities for life to exist. We have an abundance of natural resources, water, oxygen, countless varieties of food, happiness, love, the ability to continue our race through procreation. And that was just a short list. Our life is good, if not great, compared to what it could have evolved into. And it is believed that all this, evolved before (or as) we had a need for it.

So why didn’t the things in the room you are in (chairs, desks, pens, TV and even planes and cars) evolve too? After all, these items are used by nearly even human on the planet and some would say they are a necessity in life. They are certainly less complex than the items mentioned in the first list above. Is it not a fair question to ask of evolution and Mother Nature as to why we had to give up waiting and create them ourselves? DJC