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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Those Pesky Imperfections...

If Darwin’s theory was true, there should be buried within the soil, the skeletons of millions of animals changing from one species ("kind") into another. But Darwin admitted that they didn’t exist. There were none at all in the geological formation. He asks, "Why then is not every geological formation and every stratum full of such intermediate links? Geology assuredly does not reveal any such finely graduated organic chain; and this, perhaps, is the most obvious and gravest objection which can be urged against my theory. The explanation lies, as I believe, in the extreme imperfection of the geological record."

Unbelievably, instead of questioning his theory, he blames geological record! Yet he is forced to admit, "So that the number of intermediate and transitional links, between all living and extinct species, must have been inconceivably great." If Charles Darwin was right, the amount of skeletal remains must have been inconceivably great, and yet in the same passage he again admits to "not finding fossil remains of such infinitely numerous connecting links." They were infinitely numerous (millions upon millions) and they have all disappeared. All of them.

And after 150 years of desperate searching, they still can’t find any.

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