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Monday, November 16, 2009

"It seems much more likely that a number of small changes over the course of millions of years led to the complexity we see today. If not, how do you explain things like the blind spot in the human eye? The fact that our urinary tract runs through the prostate? The tail all embryos have and some babies are born with? The fact that we breathe and eat through the same hole? None of those make sense in light of special creation, but they do make sense when you actually understand the processes of evolution." Mark P

I must point out the language of speculation that you are forced to use in your opening sentence. Words like "seems" and "likely" are always present when a Darwinian believer speaks of what he believes. Let’s address your issues. I don’t have a blind spot in my eye. Both of them see very well and I am thankful for the 137million light sensitive cells that make sight possible. Do you have a blind spot in your eye? If you do, I suggest that you see an optician and see if he can either fix it, or get you another eye.

You may detect a little sarcasm, which I think is thoroughly justified. To think that a camera lens could create itself is insane, but to believe that the human eyes, and the eyes in 1.4 million different species created themselves, is off the charts.

The prostate wraps around the tube that carries urine out of your bladder. If you think evolution caused the prostrate to wrap around the tube, and you think it's a poor design, then you have a problem with the designing mind of evolution.

As far as I know, all mammal embryos have "tails." The embryo has to end somewhere. Leaves have tail endings, dogs have tails, and Darwin had the biggest tale of all, and you believed him, so now you think we came from fish. But the ending of the embryo isn’t vestigial, and neither is the "tail" bone in human beings. Without it you wouldn’t be able to go to the bathroom each day because the muscles that make it possible would have nothing with which to connect..

Finally, to breathing. The next time you have a bad cold and your nose is really stuffed up, take a moment to thank God that He gave you another opening that allows you to breathe. Then use that opening to confess your sins, forsake them, and then trust in the Savior so that you will be forgiven on the Day of Judgment.

Thoughtful Comment:
"Perhaps Ray was using 'blind spot' in a different meaning before you all jumped him...

Blind Spot: A subject about which one is markedly ignorant or prejudiced.

Thanks for all you Evolutionary Atheists admitting to your blind spot. A subject about which one is markedly ignorant or prejudiced."

See 2 Corinthians 4:4