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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Mr. Shock Jock

I subjected myself to about 20 minutes of listening to Howard Stern recently, as he let off steam about the Origin of Species into schools giveaway. I can certainly understand why he is called a shock-jock. Wow! I was really shocked to hear how professionally uninformed he was.

In a mere 20 minutes he managed to mess up American history twice, he kept calling Kirk Cameron a "kid," when Kirk has six kids himself. Mr. Stern had no idea that his last movie brought in more than 34 million dollars. He was confused as to why we are giving the books to students.

Add to that, that he surmised that he was a good person, despite the fact that his vocabulary came directly from the walls of a public restroom. Of course, Howard isn't a good person; he’s just like the rest of us. His dirty mouth revealed his dirty heart.

So it’s my earnest prayer that Mr. Stern finds a place of genuine repentance and faith in Jesus, so that God can cleanse his dirty heart as He did mine, before the Day of Judgment.

Imagine that--Howard Stern a Christian! Now that would be a real shock.