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Friday, November 6, 2009

Only For Thinkers

"I don't want to go to Hell... It sounds awful. However, to devote my entire life to avoiding such a fate I would need to have at least a little bit of credible evidence that Hell exists, which thus far I have yet to hear despite going to church weekly for 18 years and frequenting this blog for several months. Some say the evidence should be in my conscience, but I really do not feel any guilt when I lust after a woman or work on the Sabbath, so I will need more than just that. Any insight from Ray or any of the other Christians on this blog would be much appreciated."

Millions go to church and don’t know the Lord. The Bible warns that in the last days there will be a "form of godliness." A "form" means that it’s not genuine. It’s just an outward appearance, and that certainly is what we see today. You managed to stick it out for 18 years. Many suffer the boredom of religion for a lifetime, and tragically still die unsaved.

The way some deal with the thought of Hell is to pretend that God doesn’t exist. But think for a moment of Stonehenge--the famous British rock group. Why do people make such a song and dance about the assemblage of a few rocks? Because of its amazing formation. Its existence tells us that it was intelligently designed. No one in his right mind could think that it just happened by itself. It has composition. Yet the atheist looks at all the amazing structure in this beautifully balanced planet, and says that there was no Designer. So atheism is out for a thinker.

The next refuge for a sin-loving sinner is the sin of "idolatry." That’s when you concede that there is a God but, you make one up in your own mind. A convenient god to have is one who has no sense of Justice, and therefore couldn’t care less about whether or not the wicked are punished. Both atheism and idolatry allow guilt-free lust, pornography, fornication, adultery and whatever else comes to our sinful minds. However, idolatry is delusional. Making up a non-existent god is ridiculous. So it’s out for a thinker.

That leaves a Creator who is intelligent enough to have a sense of right and wrong. That leaves those who have sinned in big trouble, but we will only be aware of our sins if our God-given conscience is doing its duty. Do you know why leprosy is such a horrible disease? It's because it destroys our sense of pain. Instead of moving our body around when sitting or sleeping because of mild pain, a leper remains still, and that stops the blood-flow, causing the flesh to rot. When your conscience no longer causes you pain, it will let your very soul rot with the disease of sin.

Have you ever watched a movie where you are longing for the evil guy to get what’s coming to him? When he gets it you rejoice. It's a good feeling when justice is done. Guess what? We are the evil guy. The best of us is filled with lying, stealing, lust, greed, envy, ingratitude, self-righteousness, blasphemy--blinded by our love for sin, and when all that sin comes out on the day of Judgment, Hell will be what we have justly coming to us. Justice will be done. God offers you mercy in the Savior He provided. Ignore Him at your own eternal peril.