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Monday, December 7, 2009

The Great Paradox

"When God kills someone, that's holy and good. And when he orders someone killed, that's also holy and good. And when he alters hearts so that he can use someone as an example, that's holy and good too. Because God is holy and good he can be as evil as he likes because it's holy and good."

It amazing to me that an atheist will use the word "evil" when it suits him, even if it's just in sarcasm. In reality he has no definition of the word. Evil cannot exist. Neither can good. Those who would argue with such a thought will be quick to that it is society (not God) that defines good and evil.

But if society dictates that it is good to kill children in the womb, over a generation the "morality" of the society moves abortion from being something that is considered evil, to being good and right. If the government (society) says homosexuals marrying each other is good, it moves from one generation believing it is evil and it becomes good and acceptable.

If the government says it’s okay to kill blacks, Jews and homosexuals because only the fit should survive, what is morally evil changes to that which is morally good in their eyes.

Those who know their Bibles will know that this was the historical track-record of Israel. Once a generation forsook God’s Law (the definition of good and evil) they predictably became lawless. They had no absolute meaning for what was good and evil (see Isaiah 5:20-21).

But there is a paradox when an atheist makes a moral judgment about the character of God. He does so out of a blind self-righteousness. He is burning with unlawful sexual desire (lust), is a liar, and thief, a blasphemer, filled with ingratitude for the God-given gift of life, and yet he has the audacity to point a holier-than-thou finger at Almighty God and accuse Him of sin. Such is the epitome of hypocrisy.

Let’s see who the guilty party is, on Judgment Day.