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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The dangerous slippery slope

It is interesting to watch what happens with "moral relativity" (or relativism). The atheist has no absolute morality, so his morality is governed by a subjective and shifting "something is morally wrong if someone is harmed in any way."

To him, pedophilia is morally wrong if a child is exploited. However, if civil law some day deems semi-naked photos of children morally justifiable, "if the child was well-paid for his or her time," then pedophilia will no longer be wrong.

In such a case, pedophiles would then be free to marry the child they love, and no one can object, if the child is well taken care of. Moral relativity is a very slippery slope.

What the atheist doesn’t realize, is that all sin is a crime against God. It is His Law that is violated with every transgression, and Hell is the life sentence, without parole.

Still, God is rich in mercy to all who call upon the Savior, through repentance and trust in Jesus. The new birth on John 3:1-5 causes the guilty sinner to love what is right in God's eyes. Through it, we receive forgiveness of sins and the gift of everlasting life (see Romans 6:23).