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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Kids no longer praying in public, etc.

Ray, regarding the following statement from your promotional video: 'Our kids can no longer pray in public' Question: What are your beliefs regarding false statements? Do you approve of false statements for the purpose of promotional material?

Ray, Why would anyone trust you when you make demonstrably false statements such as: 1. "Our kids can no longer pray in public" (false.) 2. "They can no longer freely open a bible in school" (false). 3. "The ten commandments are no longer allowed to be displayed in public places" (false).*from Living Waters promotional video for 'Origins Into Schools.' That is dishonest and your integrity is in the toilet. Those are flat out lies, Ray.

It's plainly obvious to anyone that you are straight-up lying. Therefore, you are NOT a Christian. You are what you describe everyone else as: worthless scum. Will you be man enough to admit that you've lied?

There was a time in U.S. history when American school children began each day with public prayer. The entire class prayed together. That is now illegal. This is why:

• The Supreme Court first ruled against public school prayer in the 1962 case of Engle v. Vitale. The decision struck down a New York State law that required public schools to begin the school day either with Bible reading or recitation of a specially-written, nondenominational prayer.

• One year later, in Engle v. Vitale (1963), the Supreme Court struck down voluntary Bible readings and recitation of the Lord's Prayer in public schools.

1. In this context, our kids can no longer pray in public. There have been many ensuing court cases over the liberty to engage in public prayer:

"U.S. Supreme Court rules, 6-3, that prayer before football games in Texas is unconstitutional,"

"School Faces Big Legal Fees In Prayer Lawsuit."

"Florida school officials in prayer case could get jail time."

"School district faces second lawsuit over prayer"

2. There have been multiple court cases against students who have or open Bibles:

"Lawsuit claims students not allowed to carry Bibles" http://www.adherents.com/misc/school_houston.html

"Bible study banned on playgrounds"

"Gideons Forbidden From Distributing Bibles at School"

"Bibles Banned in Bible Belt"

"Bible Banned From School Football Field"

"High School Cheerleaders Banned From Using Bible Verses"

"The Bible Banned at a New Jersey School" http://smartgirlpolitics.ning.com/profiles/blogs/the-bible-banned-at-a-new

"Bibles banned at Stigler Oklahoma library"

3. Display the Ten Commandments in a public place, and you could end up in court.

"U.S. Government bans Ten Commandments from Public Places"

"Ten Commandments monument moved. New poll says Americans disapprove of federal court order."

"Ninth Circuit Sued For Displaying Ten Commandments"

"Chief Justice Roy Moore removed for acknowledging God--Ten Commandments Inquisition"